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Cluster’s genesis


Polish Aluminium Cluster was set up on the basis of cooperation which dates from the start of the ‘90s past century. In this time both entrepreneurs from the aluminium industry, design companies and general contractors established cooperation with Professor Jan Pilarczyk (representing Częstochowa University of Technology). The aim of the established partnership was to design innovative solutions based on aluminium which could be taken in the multui-storey construction. The initiators of the parnership appreciated the fact that aluminium and it’s alloys have a wide range of applications due to the: low specific gravity, strenght properties, excellent corrosion resistance and total recycling possibility.

The creation of the Polish Aluminium Cluster was a need to development resulting from the necessity to formalization of cooperation, applying Cluster’s potential to establish modern building laboratory and acccess on the market innovative and solutions (in the area of product and system).

Polish Aluminium Cluster was intended in order to envisage cooperation between enterpreneurs focused on innovation and development, operating in the aluminium industry as well as research institutions and centres which ensure regular contact with the most up-to date research solutions and the highest level of the quality control. Cluster’s member are both bussines suport institutions like Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Częstochowa, universities (Częstochowa University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków) as well as enterprises operating in the industry.
Polish Aluminium Cluster activities promote the development of innovative technology in Poland. Undertaken efforts promotes Cluster’s companies both in the national and international spheres. Cluster is open on admission for a new members both institutional and operating in private or public sector’s

Polish Aluminium Cluster completed the project co-financed from European Union’s funds under the Innovative Economy 2007-2013 Operational Programme. The project concerned to construction one of the most modern laboratory in Poland where are carried out comprehensive tests for windows and doors joinery and also for other forms of building’s partiations. This laboratory is conducting fire research, smoke-thightness, wind load, air permeability, and waterproof tests as well as advanced corrosion resistance tests (in different environments) and acoustics examinations. Development and innovations are supported by modern research apparatus including, inter alia, thermovision camera, 3D scanner and instrumentation which allows to preparing prototype samples and solutions - CNC center.

Infrastructure accessible to Cluster’s Members will be sysematically extended so that in the perspective of the coming years fully respond research and production needs for building sector, automotive and medical industry - in the field of using aluminium as an basic material.

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