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Mission, vision, goals


Main goal
The main object of the Polish Aluminium Cluster (shortcut: PKA) is growth in competitiveness of bussinesses - PKA’s Members - in the market by implementation of innovations, transfer of knowledge, human resource development and internationalization, taking into consideration needs to protect the natural environment.

Strategic goals
(a) Link’s development inside of the cluster- understood as intensify the cooperation;
(b) Implemantation of innovations, developing a technology and knowledge’s transfer;
(c) Market’s development and promotion;
(d) Human resource development and education of the Polish Aluminium Cluster Member’s;

logo PKA
Biuro Polskiego Klastra Aluminium
ul. Koksownicza 9a
42-523 Dąbrowa Górnicza
tel. (+48) 32 508 75 00
kom. (+48) 734 19 11 06
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